Time passes

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It is well known that the perception of time passing is a function of many variables: happiness, health, all sorts of things. But age is one of the strongest. For the youngest it often drags, and for the oldest it runs away before one can hold it.

This week I have been reminded that the generation of my parents is leaving. One of my father's surviving sisters died, although one sister is still alive. My mother's best friend turned 93 and she is frail, although mentally sharp and glad to talk with me still. A friend of my mother's from when I was a small child also died last week. I have stayed in touch with her children. The husbands of all these women died years ago.

Here are some pictures. My aunt who died is in the woman in the two left side pictures. My mother and father are in the two top on the right - my Mom has glasses. The baby in all the pictures is my cousin, with whom I stayed in Israel last year. They were all so very young and beautiful.

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