Jen Gunter, GOOP and "follow your passion"

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I very much like Dr. Jen Gunter's take on ... well, nearly everything she talks about. If you don't know her, she is an OB/Gyn who thinks carefully about sex and science and lots more.

She recently attended a GOOP conference, wielding her lasso of truth. I encourage you to read this post, as it is laugh out loud funny, but still contains much truth that needs to be said. One of my favorite bits was:

The start of the day was very Hunger Games. I felt as if I was walking up to an arena. They gave us fancy slippers and almost everyone put them on except me. If shit got real cult-wise or they tried to throw me out I wanted to be able to run. Katniss would never give up her shoes.

And then there was this, a quote from one of the speakers:

If you follow your passion life takes care of itself.

This just strikes me as almost the most owning-class, privileged, ugly position one can take. Yes, passion is important. Yes we all need to figure out What We Want, and what we want To Do in Life. Very important. But following your passion is sometimes only possible with a full support team (including nannies or cooks or secretaries or lab trainees that make it possible to work that 4-hour day) and, needless to say, lots of money. If you are 17 and pregnant and unemployed, there is not a lot a room for following passion.

Working class women with three service jobs, none of which include health benefits, kids, perhaps an absent spouse, or perhaps a partner that is also working like that, or perhaps has a significant health issue, do not have the luxury of passions. Maybe they get to exercise or have one of their adolescent kids make dinner once in a while. Or get fast food, because there is just no time for cooking.

Someone at the GOOP conference also said this:

A deep spiritual journey can cure anything.

Most of the working class or retired women I know don't have time for a spiritual journey. Their life is too taken up with making it until tomorrow and doing laundry and figuring out how to make car payments.

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