One more marvelous thing about my postdoc

Aug 22 2017 Published by under Uncategorized

I was off giving a talk elsewhere (and lots of thoughts about that to follow in the next few days). I came home to an ugly paper rejection from a mid-tier journal (don't bother resubmitting and don't give up your day job). It was a paper I thought was tight, and short, and good. It was the first paper of the new project.

And... of course followed the inevitable thought: I am a lousy scientist and They all know it.

Then I talked with my postdoc. Who looked at the reviews and his first comment was: I already hate reviewer one. And then he said: "these are silly comments". And then "hey, reviewer two liked it. And obviously the editor didn't." and finally "what shall we do next?"

And my spirits lifted and we shall resubmit.


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  • Sud says:

    3rd year on TT rookie PI and a fan of your blog for a few years!
    I put this up on the lab white board in a similar moment of inspiration
    "We are not the strength which in olden days
    moved heaven and earth
    that which we are
    we are one equal temper of heroic hearts
    made weak by reviewers 1 and 3
    but strong in will
    to strive, to seek, to revise and resubmit

  • Sud says:

    forgot the attribute to the original Ulysses: Alfred Tennyson

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