My heart, it dies a little bit with each of these stories

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I just got this email from a wonderful friend (with a few edits to preserve anon-ity stuff and combine emails):

Hey Potnia!
I hope you are doing well!  I have an ulterior motive for emailing you.
So, I have a friend, Zeke, who is trans, and on the autism spectrum, and has various physical and mental disabilities. Xe is <...doing things to help xe-self...>  but that process can take anywhere from a few months to over a year. In the meantime, xe is only able to work part-time, and as such, is having trouble covering rent, food, and medical bills. Xyr family is not supportive, and xe is really struggling right now. 
That's why I'm reaching out to my queerfam and my honorary-queerfam, to ask if you would consider donating to help keep a roof over Zeke's head and food on xyr plate. If enough of us can spare a few bucks, we can keep a fellow queer safe and fed until xyr <stuff and options comes through>. I know money is tight all over so ZERO judgement if you can't chip in.
Xe is trying really hard to make everything work but like... just, can't. 
Thanks so much for considering it! <3I
Avv is a good friend who has gone through much to be where xe is today. I've known too many people like this in my life. People who don't fit in, with mental and physical and gender challenges, rejected by nearly everyone. A few bucks? Of course.

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