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I know that some of the posts that you, my cherished readers, like best are those that tell stories. It's a human trait, we like our morality lessons (I almost said lesions, but that's what's on my mind) in palatable myths.

But this post is about things not said. And therefore not conveyed in a story with pseudonyms and hypotheticals.

It is a hard thing not to say things. There are a couple of points and people and incidents that right now, in my PI life, I want to address. There are a couple of specific people I'd like to sit down with and give them whatfor. But I know. I know from the painful lessons of past experience that It Will Do No, None, Nada, Bupkis good or utility, to actually talk to these people or address these issues. It will not move any goal forward. It will not make life easier for any third person involved. It will not change the direction of the University, College, Department or Interest Group. It will not be the first flag planted in the war. Talking would only make life harder.

So I keep my mouth shut. None of these things are a hill worth dying for. Some of these people are short-termers and won't be in my purview in the future. Some of these people I will have to work with tomorrow, next week, next month, over the next five years. So be it.

and ps. this is not a subtle message to those people or a passive-aggressive way of talking to them (they don't read this blog and probably don't know what a blog is). Because the flip side of not talking, is when you do need to talk, and do need to say something, you go up and say  it to the person. Directly.

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  • Zuska says:

    Sometimes it's a relief and a freedom when you realize that talking does no good and give yourself permission to sit back and keep quiet. Rather than engaging and getting no positive outcome and only getting more frustration & trouble for your efforts.

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