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Always ask to see a copy of what is being submitted. If it's a program (like Coeus), you can do it online, on your intra-net (NOT on the NIH Era Commons website). If its using the pdf-package, try ask figure out what it takes to see it more than 2 hrs before it must go in. Of course, this requires you to get it to the office by (at the absolute outside) the date the Grants Office requires (often 5 business days before the NIH deadline).

Do not assume the Grants Office will do the right thing. It's your proposal. Of course, this requires you to know what the right thing is. Here are links to help you:

NIH on how to apply is here. Read the various sections. Boring. yes. Tedious. yes. Essential, ah yes.

Ignore the image of the chirpy young scientist for the video. She's obviously not pushing the deadline to submit. She obviously has much more under control than I do.

Also? The big red box on the "how to apply" page that says: Important: Access forms through the funding opportunity announcement? Here's a link to NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts or, places where you can search for announcements. There are parent announcements for generic FOA (funding opportunity announcements) - R01, R03, R15, R21, etc, as well as various training (F, K or T) awards.

As for me right now, I am reminded of one of my mother's less delicate jokes about the Sisters of Perpetual Beauty or Something. The joke is long, but the punch line is "you've just been screwed by the Sisters of Perpetual Beauty".


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