Your chance to make a difference: how do you get your info from NIH?

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Someone with a vested interest in making NIH better at outreach contacted me. He has asked for anonymity because its a personal thing he's doing, not through is employer. He's got a survey, not Official NIH, so he's asked for help in getting the word out.

The big question is:

how [do] investigators/applicants [become] ... aware of new funding opportunities announced by NIH (PA, PAR), particularly RFA from individual ICs.

He also said:

It is not uncommon that sometimes RFA from ICs did not reach to the research community as well as we expected, and certainly there are something NIH can do to improve outreaching with many social Medias are available.

So he's put together a survey [only 6! questions]:

Also, feel free to leave comments here, as he will pick them up.


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