Change is good, mostly, I think

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Change is good. It's been one of my guiding stars. I've written about it here.

Sometimes I've initiated the changes. I've moved several times. I've changed spouses/partners. And sometimes the changes initiate me: I've buried people I love, both older and younger. The finality of losing a person is an ache that is like nothing else.

Change, and all the good things that come from change are accompanied by loss and sadness. They have to be. Change means leaving something behind. Here is something I wrote about the sadness (which is a paraphrased quote from a book I love):

 But as I watch things in my life recede in time, I too wish that the psychic umbilicus would snap and whip my sadness down the long corridor to the void of oblivion.

Right now, things are changing in my life, in my science, in the people I work with. That's the nature of what we do. We nurture, we mentor, we help, and when we get to be close or even just friendly, the people with whom we work leave. Or they die. My oldest, bestest, longest collaborator is turning 90.

I started to write that I am better at the sadness now than I was. But its not better. Its just different. I too change.


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  • Former Technician says:

    Change itself is not good or bad. It is all in our interpretation of the change. How we choose to act or react will make the difference. Although it can be difficult, we have a choice to let change break us down or make us stronger. I struggle with that choice all of the time.

  • chall says:

    I like your explanation of change being "sad for the leaving something".

    I have realized that even though I've always thought I don't like change (I'm a routine person) I've finally come to the conclusion that I think it's more about disliking change when I'm not in control; and that the "not in control" thing is the key part. And the fact that most of the time, change is not mine to control, life happens, people happen... So I have to start accepting that fact, not hating change but seeing it as a constant and knowing that I'll very soon have found a new routine and then things are ok - for awhile and then it starts all over again. I have better days and then some days that aren't that successful 😉

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