Deciding what really matters to you

Jan 20 2017 Published by under Uncategorized

There was an interesting article in the NYTimes the other day. It was the usual story about turning off your devices. It had a hook from Lin-Manuel Miranda about where his ideas come from (not the interwebz). It had the usual dire stories about people walking into walls, traffic accidents and kids who don't get outside and off their butts. My favorite quote?

One in three people admitted they’d rather give up sex than their smartphones.

Maybe sex is overrated. But I digress. There are pros and cons.

What caught my eye was advice that has nothing to do with digital devices. And everything to do with how to live:

Become very conscious of what is important to you, what really nourishes you, and devote more time and attention to it.

This is not just living your life, but doing your science. On a small scale this is choosing what to do each day, what projects to work on, who to mentor and from whom to seek out mentoring. On a larger scale, this is academic science, an industry career, a family, a life. We've only got one. Choose wisely. Live your life without regrets.

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