The comfort of small work

Nov 14 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

The world is full of challenges, for all of us: professional, political, personal. Sometimes challenges and sorrows cross those lines. An intersectionality of sorrow.

Today, I am grading. I am part of a large team-taught course. We give a practical exam that must be graded by hand, and then scored for the computer. The exam is given in thirds, so we start grading at about 9:30 when the first group is done. If we are good, if everyone shows up, we are done by 5pm, although there are times it has gone later. My contribution is Pandora-mix station that appeals, after a fasion, to everyone from blue-hairs to head-banging millenials.

Today I am grateful for grading. It takes my attention. It will last all day. It must be done, and at the end of the day it will be done.

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  • girlparts says:

    Sadly (to me, at least), us Gen-Xers are the head bangers. The youngsters seem to prefer pop and country around here... I wholeheartedly agree on the small work.

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