Signs I'm getting old (or just grumpy)

Sep 06 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

From one of my societies:

Are you looking for ways to connect with colleagues and peers while enhancing your leadership capabilities and influencing positive change?

In a word, No.

Besides, there is not much I care to enhance, except my hair color, at this point.

Would you like to share your expertise, expand your thinking, and contribute to the next great idea?

The assumption that I have (1) expertise (2) expansive thinking and (3) the potential to contribute to the next great idea is not founded on solid data or repeatable results. Besides I am not in a sharing mood.

The Society for Really Good Science relies on members like YOU to provide volunteer leadership and support for its many programs and events.   As a volunteer you will join an exclusive group of leaders, from all levels, as you work to shape the future of our association and enjoy great personal and professional rewards.

I really do like The Society for RGS. I want to support them. I give them money. I am glad that others want to do this. I am glad there is a place for mid-career people to do things like this. But me? Not so much. I fully embrace my blue-haired grumpiness.

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