My Bar is Closing

Jun 23 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

My sadness is great. This is the place where I sit and write these posts. Where they play quiet jazz or sometimes not so quiet jazz. Where the wine is good. Where I have my booth. It is an adult bar in a college town filled with bars with sticky floors and gum under the tables and surly wait-staff and way too loud rock and roll so you have to yell to have a conversation.

My friend, the owner & proprietor tried to make it work. But it didn't. Someone is buying it. Someone who owns a bunch of the children's bars in this little college town. I guess it will become another children's bar. But I'm not a kid any more, and I'll have to find somewhere new.

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  • drugmonkey says:

    Did everybody know your name?

  • Zuska says:

    Ah, I'm so sorry. It is a grief that places like this can't endure. It seemed to me when I lived in Germany, there were lots more public places for adults to hang out and enjoy a glass of wine or beer - possibly because Europeans know how to do public life better, because they don't have giant McMansions and lawns to take care of.

    There's something quite lovely about solitude in a public space, if the public space is good. I'm sorry you are losing your good "third space".

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