What I did in New York City

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My sweetie and I went to NYC for what has now become our twice a year trip. We did many exciting things include meeting  2016-05-14 12.41.54@schoppik and family. The restaurant we & schoppikniks went to was wonderful Asian. Asian condiments make very very happy 2016-05-14 11.44.05







We stayed near this place (Nolita) and ate many other lovely things. They also had my two (current) favorite teas from Harney & sons: Paris & Hot Cinnamon Spice.


2016-05-13 20.53.332016-05-13 20.50.542016-05-13 20.49.44

We ate at weird places 2016-05-13 20.43.32(dead branches seem to be A Thing. Even in the middle-of-nowhere) and not so-weird classic French places.2016-05-15 18.36.09The Butcher's Daugher 2016-05-14 09.18.18is a vegetarian/mostly vegan restaurant near where we stayed. I thought it was great. Others did not.





Of course we saw buildings that were formerly Important Places in the History of Jazz. Did you know that every third building in Manhattan was famous & important to Jazz at some point? This modern building in mid-town (part of CCNY, I believe) used to be a recording studio where many Important and Famous Songs were recorded.

2016-05-16 10.55.41







We also heard Vince Giordano & the Night Hawks: 2016-05-16 19.43.36 They play early (20s/30s) Jazz and are the house band for Boardwalk Empire, and many Woody Allen films. They play Mon & Tues night at the Iguana (upstairs) where you can get good Mex food, and marvelous drinks. This is NOT their best song, but one that might appeal to a larger group.

The music is marvelous and lively and there are always people who can seriously dance.  He called out my sweetie by name (famous visiting author from the Midwest! - which is at least 2/3 true), and was the second most wonderful thing that happened. The most of course was seeing the picture below. Some people follow an actor, some follow a music group or an artist. My sweetie follows a building:

2016-05-16 10.50.45

Finally here is a picture that I have no idea what it is or why I took it. I'm not even sure what it is, other than dirt and maybe grubs?


2016-05-14 11.40.50


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