Those jokers at the NIH eRA Commons

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So funny they are. Last night, when I ought to have been sleeping I got the following email (with a few judicious changes), titled "Application Assigned to Study Section", which is the title of email one always receives when one has submitted an application and it gets assigned to study section.

Of course I freaked. I have two applics in for the next round of reviews, but both had been assigned. Then I opened the email:

PI Name: Potnia Theron
SO Name: [SOFirstLastName]
Application ID: 1 R01 BSD088561-01

There has been a change in the assignment of your grant application entitled The Effect of Muscle Damage and Malnutrition on Bunny Hopping. Specific information about your assignment is available on the eRA Commons website at  Log in with your username and password.  Your user name is POTTYT. Then select the Status menu item, retrieve the grant application, and click on the Application ID link available in the result set. 

This bunny hopping application is NOT under review at the moment. The two "pending IRG review" are different, one on bunny prosthetics and one on very young bunnies. This application was scored (go team) in a study section that met in Feb. More freaking.

Next step, at 11pm, try and logon to commons from my phone, at home. Except, I've changed the pw, and I don't remember what it is. Ask for new pw. Wait for email. Change password. Re-logon. Freak, freak, freak.

On the Commons page: not a fucking thing. Not a thing. No changes since the review (no they had not changed my score - not better, not worse). Not a different IC. Not a different name of PO or anyone else. The last update showing was Feb something-or-other, when the link to review was posted.



Check on twitter. Ah Ha! Several tweeps had the same experience. With... a similar reaction. It was mildly reassuring. NIH was not out to get me, but out to get a bunch of us.

This morning, I am assuming it was a tech problem. I am assuming there was nothing serious. I am guessing that my score was not changed, and no more and no less money will be coming my way.

Why, oh why do they play with us?

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  • drugmonkey says:

    I think I got two notifications of the same summary statements being available this round. Weeks apart. Gremlins.

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