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Mar 03 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Where have I been?

There was a meeting, at which I presented about something (by request) about which I know very little. Luckily for me, nothing has been done at the intersection of my sub-specialty and this area. So it was easy to talk about what needs to be done. Just hard to organize the talk.

There was a study section, as an ad hoc. Even after, lo, these many years, I still learned some grantsmanship. I feel that I get something (other than doing good) out of every study section. But, I made a point of saying to the SRO "you should invite my colleague Dr. Young & Bright to be on this section. She can contribute incredibly, and its time for new blood". I'll miss it, but it will do Dr. Y&B far more good than it would me <sob>.

There was taking care of my mother, from her "incident". I didn't think there was more she could lose, but she did. I didn't think it could get harder. It did. And it will get harder yet.

There was getting a grant in for a mid-Feb deadline, and another one that is due next week. Because one doesn't stop writing proposals. Even when one get's ones nose pushed into it.

There was writing abstracts for another (favorite) meeting, and making sure the tech who wants to go had a good abstract.

What can I say? I've been busy trying to live and  doing my job, aided and abetted by a great lab group. [all these links added for your general amusement and entertainment].

Then, when I went to write this post I couldn't remember my password to this account. Ho Ho Ho. But I have! So posting will resume forthwith.



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