Women of the Supreme Court

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I am a big fan of the Supreme Court as an entity. It has huge power, and tends to get overlooked, except when they're appointing a new justice.

I am particularly a fan of the Notorious RBG (see here and here).

There is a new picture / painting of the women of the Court. It's very nice and all. They look very good, and serious and like people you'd like to be making important decisions about the future of, well everything.The Four Justices by Nelson Shanks


But here are some pictures of them at some thing celebrating (this picture?). In this first one, the three sitting justices actually look like they are having fun.

supreme court women


But this one? I want to party with Sotomayor. She reminds me of a good friend, who in fact, is a marvelous person. The notorious RBG looks like my sister when I am talking too loud in public.

supreme court women2

Here are a few links to read about the Supreme Court.

10 cases that impact all of us. Easy to read and easy to understand.



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