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One of the things I've done, that I think useful, is kept a Folder of Good Things. These include thank you notes from students or trainees, my first grant score (the best I ever got), a really good paper review ("I have nothing to say as this paper is wonderful and should be published as is"), etc. Keeping this folder has kept me sane.

Here is one of mine from before. It was left on my car, one morning. I know who left it, and it came at a time I needed it. This  is going out to a secret-friend of mine. She may or may not know she needs it. She may not even read this. But it is here, for her:

secret admier


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  • Anon says:

    I may or may not have been who you were thinking of, but I'll choose to take this post as if I were.

    So, thanks, I think I will now have a wonderful day.

    Your secret secret admirer.

    And of course I'm reading this.

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