When will we learn?

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The NYT article on suicide at elite colleges is sobering. It is about how overachieving college students attempt & often succeed at suicide. But, this little bit was embedded in the middle, almost as an afterthought:

And so she had made a plan for making her life turn out the way she thought it was supposed to. “I had the idea that I was going to find this nice Christian boyfriend ...


But there was the issue of her sexuality. ... she had found herself attracted to other girls, but believing her parents and church did not fully accept homosexuality, she had pushed aside those feelings.


....her father sat her down for a heartfelt speech about how proud he was .... “Tears rolling down his face, he said, ‘Kathryn, the reason I’m living is to pass you off to your husband.’ ”

Yes, this young woman's suicide attempt was, it seems,  partly about overachieving. About being perfect. But it is also about the horrible non-acceptance of being lesbian. When will these parents learn? The article concludes with...

... she is less concerned about covering up her true self. She has confessed her sexual feelings to her parents. They are working on acceptance. “My mom is there,” Ms. DeWitt said. “My dad is still working on it.”

This woman tried to kill herself, and her father is fucking working on it?

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  • Bill Hooker says:

    "hand you off to your husband"

    I appear to have lost my ability to even.

  • Zuska says:

    Yep. That is what fundamentalist christian mindfuck does to people. Easier to accept your child dead than gay or lesbian. Because dead they can still hug God in heaven! Unless they are burning in the fiery lakes of hell for being an abomination unto the Lord, for hugging the wrong person on earth.

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