First Day in Prague

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From my journal.

Today was the first day in prague. We did the toursit thing in the morning  - the churches and palaces, all started building in the 13th century and continually improved thereafter. One point of note is that Mucha (he of JOB cigarette and Sarah Bernhardt posters) did one of the cathedral stained glass  (but painted in this case) windows that was quite lovely, and not out of place.

In the afternoon, I went to three places: The Museum of Communism, the Mucha Museum and the Jerusalem synagogue. All have me thinking.

The museum of communism was the antithesis of the one in Budapest. The latter was a bombastic shout at the world, but with modern aesthetic values, designed to emotionally convey an important message. It was modern and clean and well lit with effective technology and music and intelligible signage written by someone who could write. You may not agree with the emotions of the survivors, but you do acknowledge them.

The one in Prague was a shabby afterthought that could have come from the communist era. It was slightly faded posters in many languages. There was no tech, but artifacts grouped in to simple stories for school children. I felt little emotion, in myself or from the ones telling the story. The bathrooms were old and grungy, and even the fat old ladies collecting tickets could have been left over from some regime.

Time for dinner... more later....

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