Getting Proposals into NIH

Jun 15 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

In the Olden Dayes, when I submitted a proposal, I would celebrate. Fancy dinner with the then current partner. Come in late the next day. And, no, I did not assume it would be funded. It may sound shocking, but even back then, people who were not BSDs often had to revise and resubmit to get funded.

Which reminds me of what might be my all time favorite Comradde Physioproffe post:

Anyway, as I aged, the celebrations became less and less important. Now, its ok, gotta date with a cycling class (not even a nice ride in the country, although that is much easier here at almost-MRU in the middle of lower-fucking-nowhere). Actually, the now, it's ok... was for the first one this deadline. After the second one, it was, meh, I have a huge amount of Other Things that didn't get done whilst grant writing. But I think I am not quite so exhausted as I was in the past. It is nice to get at least a little more efficient.

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