How to do it right (boomer edition)

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In my new biosketch, I acknowledge the impact of a junior colleague. Its one the sections on how I have transformed the world. Dr. Gonna-be & I have co-authored a couple of papers - she's lead or last on all. We've done a number of invited (at meetings) talks together, about this topic. Its been an important collaboration to me (and she would, she has, say to her). Even though I left MRU (where she is, I had worked hard to get her hired in a department that never did real searches, the chair just hired who he wanted) (yes, this would be the chair from hell).

This work, in collaboration with and largely driven by Dr. Gonna-be-A-Big-Honking-Deal-If-She-Already-Isn't, explored the hot-to-trot-so-to-speak basis of bunny hopping in the context of new&shiney neuroscience. The experimental work was done in Dr. Gonna-be's lab; my contributions were experimental design, statistical analysis and placing the results in the context of new&shiney. However, my interactions with Dr. Gonna-be have strongly influenced my perception of the role new&shiney neuroscience in bunny hopping.


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