Sometimes little things can make a big difference

Apr 14 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

I love this cartoon from Josh Hara @yoyoha:


Sometimes when I get something little, something small right, its like I've given my brain a big hug.

I have spent time wrestling with IRS audit of my taxes from 2013. Yesterday I finally got documents from bank that let me, yes me calculate something non-trivial that the IRS needs that will likely reduce what is owed to them. But I did it. The number looks reasonable (effect size).  I am unreasonably proud of myself.

Which makes me happy, one more time, to go back into the data that don't make sense. There is something causing this behavior /performance failure. But in all the data that describe what is happening, there is no consistent pattern across animals/trials. But, now, having conquered, albeit briefly in a small arena, the IRS, I can do data.



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