I love my peeps (version 6,478,932)

Apr 08 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

My peeps are the best. They are incredible. When there is a problem, everyone steps up. Everyone stays late. We do large animal work, and its challenging. Beyond the usual lab problems, concern and care and husbandry for the animals is a challenge. Baby mammals need to be fed every 2-6 hours depending on age. That means somebody is going to have to do a 2 am or 4 am feeding. We have enough peeps that the 2am feeding person doesn't have to show up for 8 am surgery. But sometimes there is a problem.

Late yesterday afternoon, an animal pulled out of a piece of surgical something. The animal was in discomfort. Taking care of this problem was paramount. It trumped: exercise class, dinner plans, etc. (Note: it does not trump child care, but that is not a problem with the current peeps). Everyone stayed. No one said "do you still need me?". The animal was in good shape and resting easy by 6:30pm. Everyone went home. Some peeps (me, too) showed up at 7am to fix what went wrong so we could still get data from an animal. That is my commitment, my promise to these animals: your life makes a difference. We will take care of you, we will keep you from pain and discomfort, and we will get data that will make a difference.

We did one fix-it, and now are heading back to the scheduled surgery for today. Everyone is here, and ready to go. People are a bit tired, but that's what happens when you run 12 hour days for 2 weeks. The data are good. I love my peeps.

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