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I am being audited by the IRS. It is ugly. I am hungry and there is no time to get anything to eat. My ex- is on the phone telling me why they are not going to help with the IRS.

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  • sopscientist says:

    Terrible. So sorry that you are in this situation.
    Been there. It was a horrible experience, went on for ages and I felt treated like a criminal. There was no presumption of innocence. It is so unfair that individual taxpayers are harassed for what is really is peanuts in the large scale of things. There are corporations out there are that owe millions of \($......
    I swear that the time spent on the case by the auditor was a least worth several thousand \)
    . What a waste of resources. The IRS should be going after the big fish, not individuals doing their best to comply with the law.
    My best advice is to find yourself and excellent accountant with previous internal IRS experience - they are out there. For us, we ended up owing $0 after an initial audit assessment of $30,000.

  • Physician Scientist says:

    I just had this happen to me. It was a correspondence audit - I had to justify my wife's MBA cost deduction (because her job wanted her to get it) and my travel reimbursements from NIH (which showed up on a 1099 form). I put together a packet of data with explanations exactly like I would in a grant application and the whole thing only took about 1 month to resolve. If you haven't done anything wrong and put forth a good faith effort, it'll be fine (in my experience).

    And yes, the amount they were talking about was peanuts. Considering that last year we paid 24.7% federal tax rate, I wasn't too happy about being audited when I'm pretty certain I'm paying my fair share. It wasn't the auditor's fault though - its just a stupid tax system.

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