Gratitude and First World Problems

Mar 19 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

I have been traveling a lot. And its not over yet. Meetings, multi-PI grant planning meeting, more meetings, going to DC, more meetings. I will be, albeit briefly, at EB at the end of the month. That, I hope, will be it for Potnia's traveling for a bit, at least.

I am home briefly for my birthday party:

potnia invite

I am grumpy about many things. Not the least of which is an IRS audit that looks like it is going to cost beaucoup bucks. Lack of sleep. Trouble getting funded. My knees and back and neck. Getting old is not for the weak. The verkackt HHMI for being snobs.

But, I also want need to acknowledge all sorts of good things. The peeps in my lab knock it out of the ball park nearly every time. Friends like DM who did something wonderful thing for me. The woman who runs PT's Jazz Bar (not the real name), who is helping me organize an incredible party, and not charging me what she should. The blue boobies of the world (see above) who make my life better by just being gorgeous (yes, I took that pic). My colleagues who make me laugh and still keep working with me even when I get massively obnoxious. My new sweetie who will hold me when things get tough.

On the whole, life is good.


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