Legal Justice League Women of SCOTUS [revised]

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New Note:

OK, I screwed up. The original post took the post of Maia Weinstock and copied it. I thought I had put in sufficient attribution to make it clear that this was NOT MY STUFF, but an incredibly wonderful post from an incredibly wonderful person.

I was wrong. I apologize to Maia and her readers.

The post below is revised. It includes Maia's images, but none of her text. It is very much worthwhile heading over to her site and reading what she wrote.

I love this.  From Maia Weinstock @20tauri  Go follow her.


I love this because SCOTUS is an incredibly powerful body, with perhaps less accountability than other parts of the government. My godfather argued his own case in front of the court about the First Amendment. I remember when Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed. I remember when she stepped down because of her husband, who had Alzheimer's. The other women on the court have their own powerful stories. And somehow, Lego is a great tribute to these women.

Other things of hers I love:

Grace Hopper:

grace hopper


Temple Grandin:


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