All my shorts, today they are frosted

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That thing that frosted my shorts earlier this week? It's back with a vengeance. Here, with my comments is the latest incarnation:

Dear All - I am not your "dear" anything. Promise.

 This is a slight abuse of the process, No shit Sherlock

but I would like to test your generosity a little further. nope, all of out generosity and out of fucks, too

I am undertaking a XX mile physical feat of unparalleled stupidity feeling bad about your encroaching age? need to connect with your adult children and think that this will prove to them that you are cool enough to talk to after all these years?

in aid of the charity Blahblahblah. Lots of charities. Why this one?

I would be grateful if you could spare a couple of dollars (or its equivalent) to sponsor me and my sons. I would be grateful if you would spare a couple of $$ or the equivalent to support bringing third world scientists to our meeting. Or students. Or trainees.  Is that more or less valuable than what you are doing? Why? Oh... wait... please DO NOT reply to all to answer

Thank you for reading this Actually, thank you for getting my blood flowing this morning.


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