Not all Republicans are scum

Mar 04 2015 Published by under life

Take this CPP: (its all about the generation)


But the trend is there, the trend is there.


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  • DJMH says:

    In other words, Millennial Republicans are *almost* as enlightened as Great-Grandpa Democrats.


  • jason says:

    I visit your blog because I enjoy reading your insights into running a lab, being a scientist, etc.

    But all that is undermined with rubbish like this. I lose all respect for somebody when they read into my heart based on voting patterns. Sadly, that bigotry is standard in academia in these times.

    I'm sure that, as a republican, you don't consider my opinion to be equivalent to your enlightened worldview. So while you don't care, I'll still ask you to go fuck yourself.

    One less reader.

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