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There is so much stuff on the web, that I'm not surprised when I find something new and interesting, in this case a blog called Conditionally Accepted (Space for scholars on the margins of academia).  There is a good post on being pregnant while academic. The blog posts from a variety of folks, not just science, on a variety of topics. I found a post titled Acknowledging the "one-body problem" (from Dec 2013) by Eric Anthony Grollman.

I liked this one because it was more than the usual story of I was mentally healthy, and then I did a PhD and the horribleness of the experience destroyed me. And then... either (a) I woke up and left academia and I am very happy today or (b) I didn't wake up and I still struggle and its horrible. This post acknowledges that its hard, but that there are things you can do.

In the middle of the post he asks:

What are you doing to ensure that you will even be alive long enough to get tenure, become full professor, or leave/retire from academia to start a second career?  What are you doing to ensure that you can achieve these career goals and be happy, and have a life, and feel healthy rather than depleted and frazzled?

Sometimes I feel that we (in RL, in the blogosphere, in twitterland) are surrounded by so much negativity that I want to say: what the fuck are you doing here, anyway? If this is all so horrible, why, why why?

The post goes on to offer ways to think about dealing with mental health problems. How to think about what you need (and he makes the important body that your body and brain are not separate entities and that you should go take that bathroom break).

Every time I hear someone say that they stayed up all night, that they pushed beyond physical comfort, I cringe inside. Yes, there are times when you need to push more. But way too often we (yes, that's a we) trade working longer for working harder/smarter. Thirty minutes of exercise does more for mental health than an extra two hours of editing that proposal.

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