Everybody has the right to decide what they are called.

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My real name has a dimunitive. I do not use it. I never have. In fact, I started using my initials in grad school so no one would automatically turn me into a Potty instead of Potnia.

I remember when I was a new asst. prof, and went to see the "executive associate dean". I walked in to meet him, and he said "Hello, Potty, I am glad to meet you". Not missing a beat, I said "hello Davey, nice to meet you". This attitude was not nearly as charming then as it might be perceived now.

So when I saw the Washington Redskins on  TV, all I can think of now (besides the fact that I need to turn the channel as quickly as  possible) is  "wrong name, dude". (I recognize this is now out of season. It was written A While Ago. I am not A Sports Person).


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  • Drugmonkey says:

    Sorry about the Potty thing, Potnia.

  • Excitoskeleton says:

    While I have not experienced a degrading nickname in a professional setting, I wanted to share a happier nickname anecdote. When my brother was young he could not say my name properly and referred to me as "Assy". Those sounds are contained in my name, but not in that order.

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