Rape and Rotherham and Abuse of Power

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I am not a big fan of Ross Douthat. But he sometimes gets it right.  The word "right" doesn't take modifiers (as is true of the word "unique"), as in "very very right". But the urge to say so is strong. Here is the link  from a tweet from Dan McLaughlin

The article was about the rapes of over 1400 girls in Rotherham, England. Rapes that were largely ignored. Douthat's point is that the rapes were ignored because immigrant gangs were ignored because of commitments to diversity (I disagree on this point, but let's move on). He compares this to the Catholic Church abuses and says:

The point is that as a society changes, as what’s held sacred and who’s empowered shifts, so do the paths through which evil enters in, the prejudices and blind spots it exploits.

The money graf is:

So don’t expect tomorrow’s predators to look like yesterday’s. Don’t expect them to look like the figures your ideology or philosophy or faith would lead you to associate with exploitation.

Expect them, instead, to look like the people whom you yourself would be most likely to respect, most afraid to challenge publicly, or least eager to vilify and hate.

Because your assumptions and pieties are evil’s best opportunity, and your conventional wisdom is what’s most likely to condemn victims to their fate.

Just all priests and immigrants and football coaches are not predators, not all cops are, either. But policemen who can kill children do not deserve our respect or our support.

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