A few random-ish Blue Hair Thoughts on SfN and Meetings in General

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As much as I hate to admit it, I'm bushed. I have to remind myself that after 6 days at meeting when I was 25, I was bushed.

Various bits from my SfN2014 experience:

  1. I walked 20K+ steps/day.
  2. Meeting tweeps/co-bloggers/FamousPseudos was high point for me.
  3. Closely followed by folks telling me "they love my blog/tweets/advice".
  4. Talked to many people, at many stages of career about science. I learned a lot. I have a new potential collaboration.
  5. I drank a lot of Saki with new  potential collaboration.
  6. I did the NIH walk. Got some support for moving institutes (I would like to very much).
  7. I ate way too much chocolate at exhibits.
  8. I acquired 57 pens for my tech who steals  mine all the time. This should pacify her for approximately 114 days. Maybe.
  9. Talked to various vendors who can't help me, and one (may Darwin shine his countaence on you, ADInstruments) who may solve a software problem for me.
  10. I am glad to be going home this evening, but have to get on a plane for personal issue tomorrow. Inbetween there is teaching.

This was first SfN since I moved from Major! Important! Highly-ranked MRU! to significantly less impressive not-quite-MRU. Found it not an issue for me, but did get a couple of "you;'re kidding, you really left a full prof position at MRU?". End perspecitve: life is too damn short to be unhappy.

One of my (Gen-X, natch) colleagues, the master of something or other (tight jeans?) told me that he had made his lab read two of my papers from mid-80's.  Then he said that the papers were not really rigorous and that he wished he could publish stuff like that now, and his h-index would be much higher.

<insert deep sigh of disbelief  here>

Try to imagine how little I care.

I'm sure there is more to process. But I'm meeting the husband of my late postdoc advisor, and he is very funny, very nice, and I don't get to see him enough (he lives in DC).





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