One more reason I left MRU

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Hope Jahren wrote a wonderful op-ed titled "Science’s Sexual Assault Problem", which has been cited in many places. She cites the important study by Kathryn B. H. Clancy and her co-authors Robin G. Nelson, Julienne N. Rutherford and Katie Hinde titled "Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault".

Some of the reflections on this are very good. From Small Pond Science:  (thanks to @PHLane for reminding me of this great blog)

A change in culture is required. That’s not an easy thing, but it’s critical. As is explained in the paper, it is the PIs that need to take the lead.


Ultimately, what causes a positive change in climate isn’t just a set of written policies. We need to embrace a clear set of values and priorities that guide on-the-spot decisionmaking at critical moments.

PI's can and need to set the climate in their labs. But, as long as department chairs, and higher admin, do not see the problem and won't  support the PI's it won't work. If the top down climate (either through sports or through BSD labs) doesn't care, the PI's can end up frustrated, angry, and disenfranchised. My argument is NOT to stop trying and working (obviously), but that for me, it was better to run away and fight another day. My fights at MRU wore me down and sucked the life out of me. As always, there are choices to be made about what to do, what to fight and what not to fight.






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