The value of exhaustion

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Yesterday, on twitter, there was a conversation about how many grants are too many. Here is some of it (poorly pasted .. there was a lot more, but



Lots more back and forth.

Last night, with a glass of cabernet, I sat down and wrote a long diatribe. Delicious. The wine. The post, not so much.

I think there is such a thing as too many grants. So did  everyone else. The question was what is too much? I went on at great length. Nothing like a quiet bar with good jazz. (But remind me to do a post on inductive reasoning).

By the time I was home, I was exhausted. I reread the post and thought life is too damn short to be this irritated. with anybody, especially tweeps that I like and respect.

The justification and determination of young(er) people for doing things they think are wrong in others, or putting a line just on the other side of their behavior, is strong . I doubt anything I say will change that. And, fuck it, I'm too tired.



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