Who needs to think about who they sleep with

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A comment from  JustaTech:

The real quesiton for me is why is the advice “don’t sleep with your boss” and not “don’t sleep with your subordinates”? Isn’t that the way this power differential is going anyway?

Of course it is "don't sleep with your subordinates". Even more so. But anyone who needs that advice is 1) not going to be listening to me and 2) not listening to anyone, probably and mostly likely 3) thinks that they don't need it or it doesn't apply to them or that in this case it's true love.

Someone tweeted (blogged?) some wisdom that I can't find just now, hence an uncited paraphrase. If it was you, let me know, I'd love to give credit. Essentially ( I know this isn't quite right, and was even stronger) they said how can you trust someone to right by any of their trainees, if they can't do right by all of their trainees.


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  • theLaplaceDemon says:

    I actually don't think that's true, and here's why:

    When you say "Hey bosses, don't sleep with your subordinates. It's bad for xyz reasons. I know you think you're the exception, but that's what everyone thinks" you are reinforcing a social norm. You are reinforcing the message that Society Looks Down On You for sleeping with subordinates. You are making it just a little be harder for it these a-holes to pretend that only HR thinks what they are doing is wrong. They may not think it's wrong, but awareness that other people do may deter them, if only for reputation's sake.

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