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Holdo Rules. This post gets it, close to exactly. So, no spoilers (here, but yes at the link), but she's great and has purple hair.

I did not go home and clean house last night. I did not do laundry or work on that manuscript or read the postdoc's revisions to the neverending paper. I went to see The Last Jedi. 


A movie with grownups. A movie with older people being heroes and not just slipping into the haze of dementia. A movie that is not just about young people doing things, allegedly in real life, that are well beyond rationality.

(Small claim to fame: I saw the first one, which in the day was just called "Star Wars", in the theater, the day it opened. The theater was half empty and only filled with the college sci-fi nerds like me. It didn't catch on for a week or so. Also saw ESB and RoJ on opening days. That was much harder).

I want to be Holdo when I grow up.




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  • B. Kiddo says:

    I'm not sure if I saw the first one opening day, but remember the line on opening day for ESB and RoJ vividly. Was w/ my big brother and his friends. 🙂 Brings back great memories.

    Didn't manage to see this opening day, but did watch almost all the films (machete order) w/ tehkiddos in prep for this. I was so happy to bring them to see such awesome women in action.

    And yes, Holdo rules. I loved her no-nonsense "I've dealt with fly-boys like you before" attitude, and then saving it all after his mutiny with a well-placed kick. Her sacrifice to save them after the ill-advised venture led to the bombing of the cargo vessels! Brilliant, tragic and beautiful. And I loved that she was one of several older women. As such, she wasn't an anomaly, but part of a team of outstanding leaders. Great stuff.

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