12 Months of Mistress of the Animals

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Okay, this is a thing. I've not done this before, but since IBAM is doing it, so shall I. It's the 12 month review of blog posts. It's the first line and a link to the whole post of the first thing from each month.

December: No smoking almost everywhere.

November: Medical School funding is one part of the problem that is driving the issues with career pathways, also known as the too many mouths at the trough problem.

October: I went to NYU to give a talk.

September: One of the hardest things to learn is how one’s effort translates into output.

August: I have frequently written about problems with trainees and what to do about Problem Trainees.

July: I am sorry, but I am actually doing science!

June: Sometimes the current incarnations of culture wars  spills over into the NIH grantsmanship (grantspersonship?) arena.

May: Power often corrupts and absolute power often corrupts absolutely, but the greatest corruption of all comes from withholding power, which grants victory to tyrants. -- Shlomo Riskin

April: When I was at MRU, I lived near the hospital and walked to work.

March: First, a word about exhaustion.

February: Wally wrote: (edited a bit for space, but go read the whole thing) I love being a postdoc – ... we don’t always have choices as to where we live.... Further, some of us belong to minority groups and living in some places in the US (where costs are often far cheaper) is just not particularly safe.

January: This post is my attempt to reduce my grumpiness index.


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