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Ozy, which I try not to read, had a profile of James Park, who heads up FitBit. How does he stay ahead? The tagline from the article is:

In a behind-the-scenes interview from OZY Fest 2017, James Park shares his tips for success: sleeping five hours a night and always preparing for the worst.

When you delve into the article (and I don't necessarily recommend that), it's a bit more complex.

Park: I only get five hours of sleep a night. I  know that’s bad and I need to work at it, but it’s gotten even harder as I’ve gotten older. I just find it difficult to settle my brain at night.

Damn straight its bad.

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  • qaz says:

    This is only bad because this person thinks it is bad and wants to sleep more but won't let himself. Everyone has to find their own sleep cycle and sleep process and optimize it for themselves. Personally, I only sleep about 5 hours per night, but that's all I need. If I sleep much more than that, my cycle gets all out of whack and I'm actually *more* tired the next day.

    Everyone is different. Find your own path to greatness. Sleeping 5 hours a night is not necessarily bad. What's bad is that this person (at least in your quote from the article that I won't read [on prinicple because I hate the spam that is Ozy]) seems to imply they want to sleep more than 5 hours per night. Of course, we should recognize that articles about such people are often couched in this same "great people ruin themselves by not sleeping" cr*p. It is unlikely that these people are actually very aware of what they've done to make themselves successful. (Especially because we only interview the successful people - where's our control group?) How much was their specific trick? How much was luck? How much was something else that they don't recognize?

    Personally, I don't work that much more than anyone else. I have down time in the late evening when I read novels or watch TV. I just don't sleep as much as everyone else. I would never argue that you should emulate my sleep cycle to become successful. That's just silly.

  • Ola says:

    Except he's not staying ahead. FitBit is a company whose time has been and gone. The idea of a stand-alone device to track fitness, versus the device we all carry everywhere (the smartphone) is archaic. FitBits will go the way of stand-alone cameras and GPS devices. What's his plan for getting out ahead of the curve and not being eaten for breakfast by Apple and Android?

    • potnia theron says:

      Luckily that is not my problem. All I have to worry about is publishing, finding jobs and situations for my trainees, getting funded, getting junior faculty promoted, supporting everyone, combatting racism, feed the starving, making the world safe for everyone, and curing cancer.

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