Safety for People I Love

Sep 06 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

I have two good friends, let's call them David and Batman. They are younger than me and bring a lot to my life. Their wedding was an incredibly joyous occasion. It reminded me of the changes we've seen in the last   m20 years.

D&B are going to Florida. They are still at an age where they go clubbing. I know, I know there is no upper limit on age at which one goes clubbing, but I have passed it. For me. Mostly.

I was saying goodbye to them, and could not help but worry. "Be careful at clubs in Florida". They smiled indulgently at me. "Maybe you shouldn't go to clubs at all in Florida". They rolled their eyes at me. "The world's not safe for people I love".  I was at the limit of our friendship, perhaps. So, I looked up and said "okay, I know you guys have enough parents and don't need another mother".

Without missing a beat, Batman said "oh, I don't think of you as a mother, I think of you as the really cool older sister". I love this man. I really do.

Be safe guys. The world may be a better place than it was even 20 years ago, but it's still dangerous for all kinds of people that I love.

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