Disagreeing on the Internet

Jan 05 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

CORRECTION: Got the right blog this time!!!!!


A post from Complex Roots called Culture of Silence talked about how its hard to sometimes disagree in comments or tweets or even in posts.

I've had a bit of this myself. I'm probably not as far left as some (recalling the quote: if you're far right in your youth you have no heart and if you're far left in your agedness you have no brain. Not quite, but there is an element of truthiness in the quote). I'm not smarter. I'm not better. I am just older. I've seen more life than, well, everyone younger than me, which is a lot of the part of the intertubes where I hang out. This coupled with the banal fact that we are all individuals, means that I've got some different ideas.

One of my, well not quite resolutions, but self-commitments, for the new year is for less self-censorship.

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