What are friends for?

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Or rather good colleagues. I've been absent working as hard and as fast and as long as my little legs can carry me. Its near the end of the term. I am dealing with large amounts of teaching. I am dealing with idiots in the women's group here (long post on that... sometime when time > n, where n = now).

But I got this email from a colleague, a person I truly respect, who has had a much harder road than I have:

Hi Potnia,  I have been thinking of you lately.  I was reading through my hard copy file of your reprints, and came across 2 papers (both on bunnies and biomechanics) that are so fantastic!!!!  They really helped out with 2 separate projects I am working on with grad and undergrad students.

It reminded me of how amazing your work is, and how many different cool studies you have done.

xxxx and happy hanukkah, 

To tell the truth, I do not feel either amazing or cool or that my work is either of those. When I start feeling sorry for myself, and thinking I have been fighting these fucking battles since the dawn of time and then the department chair asks me to help with the Xmas party (because, after all I am the senior woman in the dept), I remember that there women whose roads have been longer and rougher than mine.



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