It's a day for a calming manatee

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Just take deep breaths, it's all rightYes, a day for a calming manatee. It seems many of the tweeples have had bad grant news. Of course, just by stats its going to be 90+% of the folks. It's hard. I can make the list of my too-full-plate-things, particularly the ones that seem insurmountable. But they're mine, and perhaps to you they won't seem so awful. I can make the list of things that are good in my life that bouy me up, but that might seem a bit arrogant. Some of them are a function of my age. The last thing I want to do is open yet another generational-war-thingie. or an entitlement-thingie. But lots of those good things are the people with whom I work. They're like rings on a tree, around me, at various depths: the lab peeps, the summer med students who are thinking about md/phds, colleagues, friends, tweeps and blog-colleagues, especially the ones who argue with me (yes, becca@sciliz I'm looking at you), that and the sweetie who is not so new anymore, but like a rock in my life.

Im here for youI am going to go do marvelous things today. I need to keep my eye on what's important. Not the little things. Not the BSD's and the wanna-be BSDs.  Not the males Who Just Don't Get It. I don't need to pull out my folder of marvelous things. In yesterday's teaching lab, one of the students came up and said: thank you, your review made all the difference to me.  That's why I'm here, still pushing rocks uphill. So, here's another manatee to help you get through the day. This is for all of my friends, and colleagues and people who love me: thank you.

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