The high cost of being a BSD

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A true email, from a friend who bravely swims upstream (edits mine to protect the friend):

Members of the Department of Impossibly High Standards,

Professor Extra-long BSD asked that the following message be sent to the Department:

"Dr. Extra-long BSD is on medical leave this semester because of high fatigue levels. His doctors are working hard to find the reasons for this condition."

Please join me in wishing Dr. Extra-long BSD a speedy and full recovery.

I think you have to turn in your secret decoder ring, the key to the executive men's room and they change the handshake if you claim "fatigue". Needless to say, Dr. E-lBSD is in his late 70s. Fatigue may just be the FSM's way of saying its time to stop stealing grad students from younger faculty.

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  • DJMH says:

    I pity the doctors trying to deliver that message.

  • Dave says:

    His doctors are working hard to find the reasons for this condition

    Hmmmm. Wait, I found it..................

    Dr. E-lBSD is in his late 70s

  • Newbie PI says:

    We had a similar announcement about a BSD when I was a grad student. They said he would be out for treatment for a sleep disorder. Anyone who had been anywhere near him in the past year knew this was code for dementia and that they were just trying to preserve his dignity.

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