Irritations and Maturity

Jul 29 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

I just had someone (who I like, who I respect) come in and perturb me. I am trying to getting (another) grant out the door. I was going to write "they" to be gender neutral, but it was a "he". He had a bone to pick with me. He didn't ask, he told. He assumed. He made a very (to my thinking) male assumption about "fairness".

What do I wish? - to finish the bloody grant in peace. And, of course, get funded.


I wrote this when I was working on my June submission, so about two months ago. Now, I don't even remember about whom I was writing. I consider that a Good Thing. Slicing open my thumb this morning whilst making breakfast, not so good. You win some, and you lose what seems like even more.


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