Things that Frost My Shorts (minor)

Jun 15 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

My shorts, they are frosted, when fuckers reviewing for NIH don't upload their reviews on time. The difference that online reviewing makes is incredible. The whole process, especially facetime is faster. Less waste on reading reviews, and more time actually discussing content. [although this varies with study section]. But  importantly you see the reviews in advance, and are not busy trying to assess the differences in real time. When I disagree with the other reviewers, I want to understand what they thought, what they perceived as different from me. Was I too hard, too easy? Did I miss something?

But when the fuckers can't get the reviews uploaded by the deadline, there is a big fat empty space on the page.

This is particularly important, as I leave tomorrow for vacation. I need to respond before I leave. Leave on vacation! Holiday! Sorta.

This is a trip I'm making with a friend of my mother's (really) - Elizabeth is half-way in age between me and my Mom in age. We went to the Galapagos together, and it was incredible.  We travel well together. We are going to Eastern Europe. It will be part good and part hard:


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