Friends are My Lifeblood

Jun 05 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

I invited a friend (>20 yrs) to come give at talk at almost-MRU. She is one of the wisest and funniest and most marvelous people in the universe. She makes me more funny. Anyway, I am reminded that, indeed, friends are lifeblood. They give you strength, and peace, and perspective. They listen and think you are wise and gorgeous (in the Australian sense of gorgeous which is about being a person, not the outside).

Anyway, friend is Latina (and no, she is not Dr. Isis, there *are* more than 2 Latina women in science). And we took time to go through childhood pains, which are not worth repeating here. But it was so good for me. Her too.  Especially since another of my grants got triaged. Because "another grant got triaged" seems to be the punchline to most of my stories these days.


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