Jackie Robinson

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When I grew up, Jackie Robinson was one of my mother's heroes (Joe DiMaggio was another).

jackie robinson

So when I found an article on the news site OZY about him as a businessman, I was interested.

It has an interesting quote:

Indeed, Robinson joined Chock Full o’Nuts on the condition that he would be more than a figurehead used to goose sales. (With all due respect to Jay Z, he saw greater power in being a businessman than in being a business, man.)

I'm not sure I see it the same way. It's akin to the question: do you want to do science, or be a scientist? What is it that you want. Figuring that out is the hardest thing.
Robinson wasn't a radical, but he radically changed all sorts of things along the way. I know lots of times we tend to think "I am being a radical" when we are in the midst of helping things change. But what constitutes effort towards change, change that lasts, is only something that gets judged in retrospect.


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