Nebraska and Geographical Snobbery

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None of us have a say in where we are born. Nor a vote as to the circumstances into which we are born. Life is not fair. It is often and for many, it is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. [Aside - go back and read those books from college, and see the world in a different light. Hobbes. The Leviathian].

There was a brief twitter exchange about Nebraska the other day. It was snobby and condescending and from people are Good and do their damnest to understand prejudice and bias and fight it.

There are all sorts of things worth getting pissy about in this world. But there is very little about which it is worth being a snob.


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  • newbie PI says:

    Not sure what the Nebraska exchange was about exactly, but it is truly amazing how certain people feel a sense of accomplishment/importance just from simply LIVING in a particular city, regardless of their individual realities. When announcing my move from one such city to my current flyover location for an awesome faculty position, the most common response was, "Oh my god, I'm sorry!"

    • potnia theron says:

      I had same thing when I moved to almost-MRU. Amazon and ABEbooks ship everywhere

    • northeast_prof says:

      I also appreciate this post. I had the SAME response from someone after I accepted my position here in the NE, and from graduate students, "Why would you want to go THERE?"

      Because this department, my colleagues, and the facilities are AWESOME, that's why!

  • Pascale says:

    Having spent 13 years in Omaha, I am sorry I missed this discussion. Nebraska was a great place to live and work and raise my kids. The schools were awesome, and the University was generally a good place to work (I'm now at my 3rd faculty post and there is no nirvana).

    I'm still in fly-over country, although I've traded cornfields for oilfields. Life here is sweet (other than my being a liberal in this really really red state). Perhaps those coastal snobs should try it.

  • Ola says:

    Being from the UK, the congratulations upon my announcement I was moving to the US, were matched only in intensity by the degree of silence when I named the state. The realization I was not headed to NY or CA was promptly followed by the question "have you seen Deliverance?" The sad thing I have learned in the nearly 20 years hence, is that such bigoted attitudes toward the central parts of this country are as rampant within its borders as without. The even sadder realization is that many of the things such bigoted attitudes are based upon (rural poverty, lack of access to education and services) are just as bad in the utopiae of the east and west coast. In the end, I guess everyone needs someone to make fun of.

  • girlparts says:

    On the plus side, our well-kept secret keeps the rents awfully cheap.

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