I hate my almost-MRU's IT department

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Newly discovered downside of being at an almost-MRU. IT sucks. I have to say that IT at my last major MRU wasn't great. But they never did what these idiots have done.

We have been having massive ongoing email problems. On the desktops. On the laptops. On the phones. On teh intertubes. Then yesterday (because this is the boonies), a truck hit a pole, not on campus, but on the street leading in, and took out the entire internet. For about 8 hours. In the middle of the day. Let me tell you how that enhanced productivity (and no, if you don't waste time on the web, losing it means losing all sorts of useful tools). (and yes, I am pre-internet, so don't fucking lecture me on the joys of unplugged work. I'm not in the fucking mood).

So starting this morning, email was once again not working, at least on teh desktops. But Ok on the web. So... I went to my phone (which I usually don't use during the day at work), and lo! they fucking locked me out of my (private, self-paid-for) phone. I spent an hour on the phone (office, deskphone) with AT&T who basically said: "sorry dude, need to do a complete factory reset. I don't care if you have 5472 entries in your phone book, etc etc. We can't do this. Privacy laws, you know".

I was reluctant to give up all the Good Stuff on my phone. I was also reluctant to get my not-inconsiderable-ass down to an ATT store so they could do this. And, after much cursing and grumbling, .. lo! teh email started working. And lo! I could logon to my phone using my UNIVERSITY password. Not any password associated with my (private, self-paid-fo) phone. The frigging IT department took over my phone.

Moral: I need two phones, one that the uni can take over and cause minor email related inconvenience and one that they can't.

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  • Sam says:

    I was locked out of my computer a couple months back. I called them.

    IT: "Is your phone on wi-fi?"
    Me: "Yes."
    IT: "Oh, that's the problem. You can't be on wi-fi on your phone and access your desktop."
    Me: "What? That doesn't make any sense."
    IT: "It actually does. Both use the same internet."
    Me: "Huh? My phone is using wi-fi (on the guest account because the Faculty-Staff account doesn't work on my phone or laptop), my desktop is running on a hardline."
    IT: "I'm just saying that is usually the issue."

    You get the idea. I said "Nevermind." and went to work from home.

  • Patrick says:

    Try working for the DoD. IT is a disaster because of security concerns. I cannot read my email while away from work. We're about to lose the @us.army.mil email address we have had for the last decade, with no forwarding information or bounce-backs with the updated email address. So the papers on which I'm corresponding author just became outdated...

  • Ola says:

    Get an iPad (or other tablet) with cellular data. There's no such thing as a "locked" iPad - even though they sell them with different carrier logos, you can shove any SIM you like in there. I use a T-Mobile currently, 1 GB for 3 months, pre-paid $25. I top it off 4 times a year and it has saved my ass several times in incidents similar to this (I use the Wi-Fi the rest of the time). Hell, when my 'phone shit the bed last year, I used Skype on the iPad for a few weeks as my main cellphone (with a blue-tooth headset of course - I don't want to look like an elf carrying a giant phone against my ear).

    The other thing I learned long ago is to set up automatic forwarding and have all your work email just get CC'ed over to a private gmail account. Don't tell anyone that address, just dump the email there so you can get access to it during an event such as this.

    • potnia theron says:

      Excellent advice and cheaper than a 2nd phone.

    • Noncoding Arenay says:

      Good advice with forwarding to Gmail. I've been doing that since grad school. Took away the hassles of logging into the University system. Gmail is just so much easier. I envy the schools that use a Gmail client as their official email provider.

      However, our IT guy told me that its not a good idea because "technically Gmail owns all that information...". Whatever.

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