Evolutionary Idiots

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In one of the clinical journals I follow, there is a monthly review of the literature from other journals. Sometimes I think the dudes who write it have blinders. Or worse. I'm trying for generous here.

The anatomy and physiology of the mouth and gut of snakes is a necessary evolutionary response to feeding demands. ... If you believe that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, this article is for you.

Sometimes you just get tired of educating the masses.


Cundall D, Brainerd EL, Constantino J, Deufel A, Grapski D, Kley NJ. 2012. Drinking in snakes: resolving a biomechanical puzzle. J. Exp. Zool. 317:152–172.


A Model of the Anterior Esophagus in Snakes with Functional and Developmental Implications Cundall D, Tuttman C. Close M Anat Rec 2014;297:586–98


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